Our Philosophy

Who We Are


Our number one priority is always patient safety. We advocate and implement protocols to improve patient safety and quality of care in all the facilities that we deliver anesthesia

Dr. Bao Chau Tran MD, leads the staff at BCT Medical Associates, providing the best healthcare services.

BCT Medical understands that every surgeon requires a different type of anesthesia for their practice. BCT Medical formulates an anesthetic plan specific for every surgeon in order to enhance their practice and facilitate their operative days with on-time starts and efficient turnovers.

BCT Medical collaborates with the administration of each practice and facility to enhance the quality and continuity of care and overall OR safety for patients and staff. We encourage our physicians to be active participants on Boards and Committees of each facility. We stress the importance of maintaining constant open lines of communication with administrations, giving us the capability to address and resolve issues on real-time bases.

Our physicians and clinicians take a team approach along with the perioperative staff to deliver the optimal medical and operative experience to all of our patients. BCT Medical offers a variety of support services including workshop drills to maintain safety and proficiency in stressful OR situations.

Every one of BCT’s staff members is vetted for their multiple skill sets, the level of medicine they practice, and the level of professionalism that is in tune with our philosophy. BCT works to build a support staff, streamline inter-office communications, and promote a positive nurturing work environment.