President’s Letter

President's Letter

Bao Chau Tran, MD

Bao Chau Tran, MD, leads the staff at BCT Medical Associates, providing integrative pain relief and functional medicine

BCT Medical’s physicians and staff all strive to deliver the leading edge comprehensive concierge pain and the safest perioperative experience to all our patients. We stress the importance of educating our patients by addressing their questions and concerns. We empower our patients by discussing options when available so patients can participate in the direction of their care.

Our pain program prioritize to address your area of need, multi-modal with conservative therapies, combined with minimally-invasive interventional procedures, and can be enhanced with PRP and Stem cell options to promote a higher functional quality of life. Our narcotic adverse options and monitoring program add a level of patient protection to prevents abuse.

We also offer personalized wellness, anti-aging, and performance programs that are built to suit your needs and enhance your life. These programs help you understand your body, take control of your health, and fine tune your physiology to get the performance that is healthier and sustainable.

Our multi-specialty physicians are consulted in complex pain cases to achieve team approach comprehensive care. Here at BCT Medical, we choose to operate at a collective level of medicine and to always be the pioneer in delivering concierge quality, comprehensive pain and perioperative experiences.


Bao Chau Tran – Founder, BCT Medical