General Services

EDS pain management at BCT


EDS pain can be alarming and cause instability of the joints. At BCT medical center, we deal with effective and reliable treatment...
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A female patient is having anesthesia before her surgery at BCT medical associate.


At BCT Medical Associates our competent medical staff provides its expertise in delivering quality anesthetic services to patients. We are constantly striving...
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A female is having stem cell treatment from BCT medical associate.

PRP / Stem Cell Technology

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?   PRP therapy is when your own blood is drawn and spun down to separate and concentrate platelets...
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A female patient face before & after the treatment of anti-aging.


The goal of BCT’s anti-aging medicine is to promote recovery and regeneration while delaying the aging process through fine tuning your physiology....
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A Chiropractor Doctor performing therapy on a lady suffering from shoulder Injury

Pain Management

Bao Chau Tran, MD, and the staff at BCT Medical Associations. Dr. Tran specializes in pain diagnostics and treatment, providing medical and...
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