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CRPS Procedure With Modern Facilities

CPRS can be considered as a chronic or acute pain condition that is responsible for affecting the area around the limbs. It often leads to damage or malfunctioning of the Central Nervous System. Our specialist Bao Chau Tran, MD can help you to get rid of all pain symptoms associated with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Here are some top causes of Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) :

  • A forceful or traumatic injury around the arm or leg region
  • Fracture
  • As a result of any significant or minor injury
  • Sprained ankles

Here are the most important symptoms associated with Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) :

  • Modifications in skin texture
  • Improper sweating pattern around the affected area
  • Modifications in nail and hair growth patterns
  • Stiffness or inflammation in the joints

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms then we highly recommend you visit BCT Medical Associates for availing best-suited treatment options. Our medical center is fully equipped with advanced and state of the art diagnostic imaging facilities.

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Female Sportsman feels chronic or Complex regional pain syndrome while running in the park.