Perioperative Medical Management

Perioperative Medical Management Services

The Forefront Of Medical Innovation

We do a complete medical assessment, request needed clearances, order necessary labs, and coordinate all your paperwork to your surgeon. We are also available to will address your anesthesia concerns with recommendations on optimal anesthetic plan.

BCT Ambulatory Surgery Center Services

BCT understands comprehensive and safe anesthesia coverage is very important and vital to the success of every Ambulatory Surgery Center. Together with an experienced Site Director, BCT will analyze and build the anesthesia services to complement your Surgery Center’s needs, facilitate your surgeons on their operative days, and improve vigilance and OR safety.

BCT Services Target:

  • Patient Safety Improvement Programs
  • OR Safety Improvement Programs
  • Quality Improvement Programs
  • Efficient Room Turnovers
  • Cost Efficient Staffing Models
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Documentations and Consent Forms
  • Professionals to Assist with Receiving and Maintaining Accreditations
  • Marketing Services

As your partner, BCT will assume the leadership role needed from an anesthesia provider by collaborating with surgeons to streamline work flow and improve patient care, be active contributors in your Center’s meetings and support implementing policies and procedures to improve safety and quality of care.

BCT medical associate operation theater with the latest surgical equipment.