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PRP therapy is when your own blood is drawn and spun down to separate and concentrate platelets and other vital growth factors in order to inject to areas of injury or interest to harness benefits :
Connective tissue regeneration

  •  Stimulate healing
  •  Develop new blood vessels
  •  Increasing collagen formation
  •     Exosome
  •  Skin tightening
  •  Hair Restoration
  •  Joint and Tendon Injuries


Exosomes derived from PRP can be used as an effective and advanced option for treating different orthopedic injuries. Our regenerative medicine specialists at BCT medical center offer state-of-the-art orthopedic stem cell technology treatment.

The PRP exosome treatment also helps in the fight against blood vessels or cardiac diseases. With highly advanced therapeutic effects, the exosome under PRP stem cell technology service is a highly research-driven regenerative medicine technique.

At BCT medical center, we ensure to deliver:

  • Highly Advanced and Effective Exosome under PRP/Stem Cell Technology Treatment.
  • Treatment of Chronic Wounds through Stem Cell Technology Procedures.
  • Utilization of Non-Surgical Approach to Treat Orthopedic Injuries & Diseases.
  • Reliable Joint Regeneration Therapy.
A female is having stem cell treatment from BCT medical associate.